Top Scariest Blog Articles

It is getting chilly. It is getting dark early. It must be October!

Happy Halloween!!!

Here are my top picks of the scariest Maplewood Press Blog Articles;

Number One: Field Guide to Early American Gravestones in New England.

There is nothing spookier than taking a stroll through a very old graveyard late in the day in October! After reading this blog article, you will want to run to the closest one and discover some frightful fun!

Number Two: How to Plan an Early American Funeral

Did you know, if you lived in the 1600s and someone handed you a glove, it meant you were invited to a funeral? Or that they painted skeleton heads on the horses pulling the hearse?

Pop into this blog article and find out how they celebrated funerals when American was young. They had some freaky customs!

Number Three: Creepy Crawlers: Orb Spiders

It’s about spiders! Do I need to say more?

This blog article is more of a bedtime nightmare story….about a large spider living with us… Get comfy. But, not too comfy. It may get hair raising!!

Number Four: Moon Madness

I have always been mad for the moon. Does that make me a lunatic? Possibly!

When we think of Halloween, we think of an eerie big orange moon.

Before you go gazing at the Halloween full moon this year, take a peek at this blog article to learn a little bit more about Her!

There you have it, my favorites that I would like to share with you!

Have a great Halloween! Oh, and keep in mind, during the 24 hours of Halloween, the doorway to the other world is the thinnest it will be all year! So keep a look out over your shoulder while reading these articles for those spirits who have escaped! Maybe you should light a Jack O’Lantern first to keep the evil ones away!

Have a safe holiday!

Happy All Hallow’s Eve/ Blessed Samhain!


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