Atwood’s Artful Artifacts: Harbors

Atwood’s Artful Assembled Artifacts #2 : Harbor Views!

New England harbors are quaint and beautiful. My father loved to visit them to take photos of fishing boats that he would later make into watercolor paintings. When I was younger, I obviously tagged along. Little did I know how much those trips would influence me later!

Now the Assembled Artifacts:

A couple years ago I was painting different designs for the cover of my book.  This one was a possibility. ArcherAtwoodBreathNightsI thought of the story and imagined this scene…or did I?







Just recently I began to have my Dad’s slides he took in the 1970s and earlier, converted to digital files. I spotted this photo and thought, hey, that looks familiar! Well looky there! MaplewoodPressRockportMy new painting has many elements of this scene my Dad photographed. A scene I only saw once as a kid! Kinda spooky!






May we never forget interesting images! You never know when you might need to conjure them up!

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