Happy Birthday Maplewood Press : My Top Five Favorite Articles

Two years ago I decided to start this website. I had been collecting artifacts and ideas for many years and felt the need to research them, write about them, and share those findings. I hope you learned something new, or I inspired you, or at least made you smile on a dreary day!

Here are my top five favorite articles and why: (The photos will link to the articles.)


“How to Discover Art in Old New England Graveyards” November 2015.

This was my first article and remains a favorite, along with the follow-up articles: Part Two: October 2016 and then the most recent one last month.

   My first experience with old gravestones was when a history buff high school classmate took me to a country graveyard and pointed them out. I found the old symbols weird and fun. I was hooked. When most people brake for tag sales, or pretty scenes, or museums, I go out of my way when I spot an old graveyard. My poor sons would be dragged along. Now they are grown and point them out to me! Be on the look out Halloween 2018 for the next article about my on-going fascination.



“The Three Sisters Planting Method: Fact or Fiction? Let’s Give It A Whirl!” November 2015

   My fondness for this article is all about the blood, sweat, and tears that were poured into my gardening experiment over several seasons. It started out as a questioning of a common belief. That led me to a deep dive research into the Native American tribes of New England during the 1600s. That led to the actual making of several gardens. (A shout out goes to my oldest son who tilled up our tiny yard-no questions asked- so I could have a cornfield.) There were months of joy as I saw the fruits of my labors grow, followed by heartbreak when the hurricanes took it all. That made the experiment very real. At least I could go to the grocery store down the block. Something like that would have decreased the survival of a whole community during the winter back then. I hope you will give this article a whirl!


“The Blue Raiders” July 2016 and the follow up September 2016.

This story if very personal. It is about my Dad and his WWII service with the 116th Patrol Bomber Squadron. My goal was to look deeper into the photos and his artifacts to learn more about his experience.

Like many WWII Veterans he shared very little with his family and me. It is with great pride I have learned more about those brave young men. But, there is much more to learn. I see this article as a “living” article as more family members reach out to me and others share their research. Please take a few minutes to read about the men of the “Blue Raiders”. We can not let their story fade away.


“Wonder Woman: Then and Now” May 2017

The character Wonder Woman was my favorite childhood comic book hero. I loved her origin story that was steeped in mythology. I also loved the idea of a powerful woman that stood on her own. She was no one’s sidekick, and didn’t get her powers from a man. So when I heard they were coming out with a new movie based on her, it made me curious to look deeper into her story.  

Researching her character brought back many fun memories, and it also gave me a few surprises. The biggest was about the unique upbringing and lifestyle of her creator/author, and the possible undertones of some of the storylines. Take a peek at the article and get your wonder on!


“Moon Madness” January 2016 and the follow-up August 2016.

“On the tip of an arrow, send your wishes to the moon!”

I am a moon worshiper. I admit it. I have been drawn to that bright orb in the sky since I was a kid. That led to my obsession to try and photograph the best picture of it. I was just out there last Friday night, as I am just about every full moon phase, snapping away! The moon is magical and powerful, controlling tides, lighting the night, and fueling imaginations. I hope you will enjoy my favorite photos so far.


Thank you for finding my website. If you like the sampling above, please check out all the other articles I have posted. There is a wide variety and I hope a few will appeal to you. And please come back each month to find a new one. Feel free to comment here or on my Facebook page.

Warm Regards,


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