Moon Madness Part Two: Moonrise

I sit with my watch, wishing the minutes tick off faster.

Soon, very soon, She will be born out of the cool waves.

Be quick to spot Her, for She must make hast to rise.

I scan the horizon, back and forth, anticipating Her beauty.

Wait, I see Her orange crown!

Once again, the majestic Moon graces us with Her presence and heads upward to take Her throne in the night sky.



MaplewoodPressMoonRise7MaplewoodPressMoonRise8MaplewoodPressMoonRise9MaplewoodPressMoonRise10(Note how She changes color as She moves into the sky.)

May you become obsessed as me with the wonderful, beautiful, mysterious, and magical Moon!

Atwood: On the tip of an arrow, send your wishes to the Moon!

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