New Year Re-set Toward Happiness

Happy New Year

and a Happy Re-set!

Re-set? Yes, we have 356 unknown days ahead of us. Sure, some are predetermined such as holidays, birthdays, vacations, and such, but the actual content of those days is not set in stone.

When we were kids the passing of time seemed so slow! Then as we grew older, time seems to be slipping by too quickly!! There never seems to be enough of it to finish projects, to relax, to spend time with others. Or is it we are really not paying attention? The beginning of a new year is a perfect time to re-set our “clocks” and start respecting the passage of time.

I have been a sketch journal keeper all my life. I have collected quite a few! Inside you will find thoughts jotted down, sketches of cool things or ideas I have, notes taken of places I have seen…and lists. The most famous one was “By the time I am twenty I will have accomplished the following…”

I revisited that list of goals five years later and scratched out age 20 and put in 30. At the time I was depressed over the fact I had “failed”. I would do better!! Well…a lot happened to me between age 20 and 30 and 35. The list only shrank by one. That didn’t keep me from scratching out the age again and upping it-ever hopeful. The difference this time was that I laughed at myself. Those goals were pretty lofty! And I obviously did not allow enough time to do them what with jobs, little children, volunteer work, etc in the mix.

It is now 2018. Have I completed those goals? To be honest, I made a new list. This new list is all about what I HAVE accomplished so far. Included are all the attempts at goals and set backs and why. Those whys are pretty telling. They show I have indeed lived a good life so far. My little bumps in the road are very special and have made me who I am today.

My New Year wish for everyone, is that you look back and inventory your attempts at goals and what you have overcome to get to where you are now. Look at old calendars and your social media posts to remind you. Then congratulate yourself on what you have accomplished! Now take that positive energy and move forward, for only you can fill your “time”, and only you can write the book of your life! Don’t seek happiness, create it!!


P.S. And how special 2018 is already..we get two super moons in the first month!

Jan.1st 2018 New Year Supermoon

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