Unique Holiday Greetings

Here at Maplewood Press and Archer Atwood Books, we would like to offer you a warm Happy Holidays, and wishing you the very best in 2017!!

From the upcoming children’s book:”Noelle”
(copyrighted material)










I don’t recall when I started painting Christmas ornaments. In the beginning they were very simple graphic designs, painted directly on a wood disc. I would paint them and then hand them out as gift. To be honest, I have lost track of many of them. Thankfully I have great friends and family who now and then will snap a photo of the ornament I gave them years ago and share it with me.

An early ornament depicting a very special family.










I then went from painting one disc at a time, to drawing up and painting a full sized design that I would then have a copy made of.  That copy I would decoupage onto the wooden disc.

The original one of a kind “O, Christmas Tree”


The updated version of “O Christmas Tree”


My favorites subjects are whimsical and light…which is how I want to think of the holiday season as being!

“Jack and Jill”









This year’s design like all my designs, usually start with a thought that jumps in my head. When this happens is usually not when I am in a place where I can draw out the concept. It usually happens when I am driving in the car, or in a store so all I have is scrap paper. Look at this scribble and then scroll back to the top for the finished design!

A quick concept scribble for the 2016 design!










My love of art and whimsy began with my Dad. He loved to scribble and sketch cartoons and cards. They always made me smile, and still do when I re-visit them. There is too much stress in the world to not want a moment or two of escape into a fun and lighthearted world. I hope my designs gave you at least a moment of escape, long enough to make YOU smile!!

Happy Holidays! Atwood


P.S.  In an upcoming post I will show you how I make the ornaments so you can try it, too!

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