Pull up a chair and get comfortable.  I am Atwood.  The universe has tagged on names for me before and after, but I prefer my middle name that my Mother gave me.

I am a parent to four wonderful sons who have given me a run for my money!  I am an author of fiction stories and an illustrator of fanciful things.  I am to the point of obsession, a photographer. I have been a healthcare professional.  But, most of all, I am a curious person.   I wonder about things, places, and the behavior of people.  I adore quirky and unusual.  All of those life experiences and personality traits have allowed me to collect a wealth of adventures to share with you.

Each post will introduce you to an artifact I have collected or inherited, or a thought that has sparked my interest. From there we launch into finding out more about that item or question. Now don’t you go thinking this is a blog about research and is going to be boring.  I am not that lucky to follow a boring path.  “Stuff” always happens to me. Left turns pop up.  Bumps in the road trip me up.  Unexpected things jump out.  Life is always interesting for me and I enjoy finding the humor in it.  I hope my blog will make you smile as I share my first hand accounts of discovery with you!

I am Atwood

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