Pull up a chair and get comfortable.  I am Atwood.  The universe has tagged on names for me before and after, but I prefer my middle name that my Mother gave me.

I am a parent to four wonderful sons!  I am an author of fiction stories and an illustrator of fanciful things.  I am to the point of obsession, a photographer. I have been a healthcare professional.  But, most of all, I am a curious person.   I wonder about things, places, and the behavior of people.  I adore quirky and unusual.  All of those life experiences and personality traits have allowed me to collect a wealth of adventures to share with you.

Each article or post will introduce you to an artifact I have collected or inherited, or a thought that has sparked my interest. From there we launch into finding out more about that item or question. Now don’t you go thinking this is a blog about research and is going to be boring.  I am not that lucky to follow a boring path.  “Stuff” always happens to me. Left turns pop up.  Bumps in the road trip me up.  Unexpected things jump out.  Life is always interesting for me and I enjoy finding the humor in it.  I hope this bit of my world will make you smile as I share my first hand accounts of discovery with you!

Ready to start? Please put on your virtual boots and gloves, unique paths to past and present New England are about to be discovered and it might get a bit wild!