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Top Scariest Blog Articles

It is getting chilly. It is getting dark early. It must be October! Happy Halloween!!! Here are my top picks of the scariest Maplewood Press Blog Articles; Number One: Field Guide to Early American Gravestones in New England. There is nothing spookier than taking a stroll through a very old graveyard late in the day […]

Never Forget

9-11 Never Forget the Brave; Those First Responders who ran toward danger, not away, in order to help save lives. Those who risked their lives to help co-workers escape. Those on Flight-93 that gave their lives to prevent further loss of life. Those who must go on living after loosing loved ones. Never Forget the […]

How to Enjoy a Museum Trip

Frozen in Time:  That is how I look at original paintings I have viewed. My sons and friends think I am nuts when we visit museums.  I do go nuts when I see a famous painter’s works.  Yes they are beautiful. Beyond that, I really go nuts because I can see in person, up close […]