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Top Scariest Blog Articles

It is getting chilly. It is getting dark early. It must be October! Happy Halloween!!! Here are my top picks of the scariest Maplewood Press Blog Articles; Number One: Field Guide to Early American Gravestones in New England. There is nothing spookier than taking a stroll through a very old graveyard late in the day […]

You Planted a Garden During the Pandemic: Now What?

I will not lie, planting a garden and watching it grow is very rewarding. Now more than ever during the Covid-19 pandemic we need to see that life goes on and is beautiful. Also, we are stuck at home and that yard or patio should serve a purpose, and what if the food chain supply […]

Old School Social Media: Prohibition and the Women’s Right to Vote-A First Hand Account.

What gets this history geek excited? Random mysteries that need to be investigated. Here is one that fell into my lap. The backstory:  I found a stash of vintage postcards in my old house. I started sending them to family and friends. Who wouldn’t want to receive a 1950s motel advertisement postcard? I soon ran […]

Maple Tree Adoration Part Two: Beautiful Leaves, Delicious Syrup

There is no secret why I named my blog Maplewood Press: I adore maple trees.               Even as a young child I was fascinated by these magical trees. Why do I think Maple Trees are magical? Beautiful Leaves: When you conjure up the perfect romantic vision of New England, […]

Visiting Old New England Graveyards: Part Two

Heere Lyeth ye Body of….. With Halloween right around the corner, take time to stroll through an old cemetery or two! If you want to learn more about the old graveyards, visit my previously posted article: “How to Discover art in Old New England Graveyards” ( )   There are many spooky cemeteries in […]

Blue Willow

Holidays usually translate into family gatherings, and when families gather there are meals to be shared. The focus is usually on the food that is full of traditional offerings and everyone’s favorite. What is used to serve the food is often a second thought. Those plates are filled with the delicious food, washed when emptied, […]