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Visiting Old New England Graveyards: Part Two

Heere Lyeth ye Body of….. With Halloween right around the corner, take time to stroll through an old cemetery or two! If you want to learn more about the old graveyards, visit my previously posted article: “How to Discover art in Old New England Graveyards” ( )   There are many spooky cemeteries in […]

Blue Willow

Holidays usually translate into family gatherings, and when families gather there are meals to be shared. The focus is usually on the food that is full of traditional offerings and everyone’s favorite. What is used to serve the food is often a second thought. Those plates are filled with the delicious food, washed when emptied, […]

The “Three Sisters” Planting Method: Fact or Fiction? Let’s Give It A Whirl!

In other words: The Tale of a Historical Garden Experiment! While researching my novella “Harvest Grove” I needed to learn more about the Native American cultures that existed in New England during the 1600s. What better place to see and learn about them, but at historical Plimouth Plantation in Massachusetts, (Yes, they spell it Plimouth […]