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Those subjects that cause us to smile or be full of wonder

Amateur Radio Dad

Silent Keys When I was young, my Dad woke me up late at night and whispered, “Shh, come listen.” Mother would have never approved of me being up so late, but Dad was the kind who tended to break rules if there was an adventure to be had. And I was always ready to be his side-kick in […]

Three Generations of Sledding

Sleds have been moving heavy objects and people over snow for hundreds of years. That is all well in good, but I consider the best use of a sled, is for fun!             Three Generations of Sledding: Let’s start with my Mom’s Generation: My mother’s face would light up when […]

The Magic of Snow

The Magic of Snow There is something special about snow falling.  Falling soft and light as it is right now outside my window. The first real snow storm of the year.             Snow. Oh, how I feel bad for those who have never experienced snow. Especially children who never  built […]